Plastic and more – we must plan to tackle waste

Waste management is one of the big issues of our time.  We are all familiar with the images of plastic in the oceans, but waste also poses a serious threat to humans who live in places with no waste management systems.  


Volunteer Voices: plastics recycling training in the Gambia...

Victoria Manning of Vitaka Consulting Ltd joined the WasteAid team in Gunjur, the Gambia, for our first plastics recycling training session. Read about Vic’s experience in a place with no waste management.


How WasteAid is helping the Gambia tackle chronic waste management problems

Here in the UK we are busy trying to improve recycling rates and divert waste from landfill.  Meanwhile, there are three billion people worldwide without access to solid waste.



Victoria Manning, director at Vitaka Consulting, hopes the recent plastic furore will lead to a change in public perception of not just consumer habits but also waste management systems.


To ban or not to ban? That is the question! The United Nations Environment Programme has released a detailed report on tackling the challenge of single-use plastics around the world. Victoria Manning, Director at Vitaka Consulting, has kindly summarised the report to share with the online WasteAid community.


Sexism is a real problem across society generally, and the waste management industry is no exception. In order to attract more women to the sector, it needs to take the issue seriously.


Elected politicians, understandably, don’t want to make unpopular or controversial decisions and risk getting voted out. But this means that difficult strategic planning issues don’t get properly considered.


Whenever I tell people I’m a waste planner, they feel compelled to tell me about their household recycling.  In fact, waste planning is land use planning: how many and what type of new waste facilities will we need in the future, and where will they go?  

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