Training and Advice

How can we help?
Vitaka and our partners offer training on all aspects of waste planning in the UK. This could contribute to your CPD program, and enhance the training offer at your place of work. We can also offer regular updates by email regarding significant changes in planning policy or legislation or other significant sector changes.

What training do we offer?

  • Introduction to the waste planning framework;

  • Duty to co-operate best practice

  • Introduction to Waste Data Interrogators and WasteDataFlow;

  • Introduction to waste management technologies, existing and in development;

  • Regular updates on legislation and the regulatory framework; 

  • How to incorporate waste collection and management facilities into major regeneration and development schemes.

Who can we help?

  • Local authority planning officers, waste officers and Members

  • Regional waste planning groups such as RTABs (Resource Technical Advisory Bodies)

  • We can also provide training as part of RTPI (Royal Town Planning Institute) and CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) events